up and running

My website is up and running.


New Portfolio Website

I’ve decided to create a new website to replace this blog. It will be more of a portfolio to show my work more easily than this can. I will still keep this site up to date and continue to run it as a blog that gives the inside scoop of each production. The ulr of the new site will be once the company I purchased it from approves it. For now it can be seen here while it’s under construction:

Jed Kravitz and I featured in The Nevada Sagebrush

Jed and I were featured in the University’s newspaper today. The story was written about the relationships of athletes and the people who promote them. It pretty much summed up what goes on when we all get together and do what we love to do. It had a picture of us on the cover and a photo sequence I made of Jed that covered a huge portion of the sports page.


Art 251: Autobiography Project

Here’s the video for my autobiography project. Huge thanks to Josh Hays for helping me film the skiing shots.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

TheKollabProject approaches its second year of operation

Two years ago Ryan Hackbarth and I teamed up to create TheLastDays Volume 1, which was a series of edits during the end of the winter season (aka. Spring time). We eventually called our collaboration production TheKollabProject. We have been able to produce many videos, photo sets and digital media under that name. We’ve also both had success in video contests from both Boreal and Go Pro receiving awards in the categories of Best Athletes and Best Overall Video. For the past year Ryan has been working with White Room Films and can’t get around to submitting as much media as he use to, leaving most of the Kollab’s productions to me. However, we have been working out plans to film the third installment of TheLastDays Spring edits. I am currently trying to get 2 more cinematographers as well as most of the riders who have been previously featured in TheLastDays, on board to create one of the best edits we’ve ever made. Everything is still in the woodwork though but we promise to make this one a banger. Follow our Channel here: TheKollabProject.TV.  Also HUGE thanks to Blake Heauser for cutting us our first batch of die cut stickers! To follow us and keep up with our work “LIKE” TheKollabProject on Facebook here: TheKollabProject

Some of the first batch of Stickers Blake Heauser cut for us.

The NIKE Chosen!

This was our entry for the NIKE Chosen Video Contest on Facebook and We shot it over a 4 day period. This was my first time using my HPX250 and Glidecam HD 4000. On the 3rd day I had to rent out a Canon 7D because my arm got too tired from holding the HPX. Shots came out solid but I need more practice with the Glidecam and the zoom/iris/focus remote I mounted on it. Jed skied extremely well, especially for just getting back on his skis from an accident that happened over a month ago. The song was given by NIKE to use for the contest.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Contest link to Official submission on

The Nike Chosen Contest on Facebook: HERE

A screenshot from facebook

The Herd Boyz

I threw this edit together right before and during my trip to LA. I got a ton of shots of everyone while filming Jed’s NIKE Chosen Entry. This was the first weekend using my HPX250 and first time ever operating a Glidecam. I had to switch to a Canon 7D on the 3rd day because my arm got too sore from the weight of the HPX. Shots came out solid but I still need a ton of practice with the Glidecam.
Alex “Shugz” Dorszynski
Andy McDowell
Tim Sargent
Justin Anderson
Jed Kravitz

Vodpod videos no longer available. version:

Here’s a short clip of Andy I put together while waiting for Color to render.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Jed Kravitz- Level 1 Productions Super Unknown Entry

Jed Kravitz received a honorable mention from Level 1 for his Super Unknown submission. It almost didn’t happen because we ran into about 1,000 problems when trying to edit everyone’s footage on one timeline. We sat in media lab hours fighting technical problems from Final Cut and trying to condense 10 minutes of bangers into a 2 minute and 30 second slot. It fortunately came together right before the dealine. Congrats to Jed for killing it!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Kollab Project goes AVCIntra100 Codec!

I recently picked up my own production equipment. We will now be filming with a Panasonic HPX250 that records in AVCIntra100 codec. This will allow me to have more room to push around shots in post. I also got my hands on a Glidecam HD 4000 to stabilize the camera without doing it in post using Final Cut or After Affects.

Videography 251: Assignment #1- On Camera Edit

Our first assignment in Videography 251. The assignment was to storyboard a short video and shoot it in 2 hours using a Canon 7D. The catch was that we couldn’t use any editing software, which meant we had to shot the whole thing in order and be precise with what we wanted in the shot. This version has a little sound editing and the eating sequence was sped up.
Julian Matisse
Brian Sergott
Billy Durden

Vodpod videos no longer available.